Innovation that Matters  SMC 5G Packet Core

Partner IBM

Spica Systems has built an enterprise grade 5G Packet Core Solution complying with 3GPP Release 15. Spica Mobility Core Solution (SMC) from Spica Systems addresses CAPEX & OPEX concerns of Enterprise Customers with ease-of-use, robustness and security at its core.

Network Functions

  • Access & Mobility Functions (AMF).
  • Session Management Function (SMF).
  • User Plane Function (UPF).
  • Policy Control Function (PCF)
  • Authentication Server Function (AUSF)
  • Unified Data Management Function (UDM)
  • Application Function (AF)
  • Network Repository Function (NRF)
  • Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF)


  • High throughput User Plane Traffic.
  • Control & User Plane Separation (CUPS).
  • Cloud native solutions runs on Kubernetes.
  • Designed to run on Private and Public Cloud.

Partner IBM