Innovation that Matters  Services

What We Do

We provide Software Development and Consulting Services in Cloud Migration, Kubernetes, Cyber Security, 4G/5G, Bluetooth & IOT Technologies

Expertise – Cloud/Kubernetes

  • Building SDN Infrastructure
  • Cloud Adoption using multi-cloud approach using Kubernetes, AWS, AZURE & GCP
  • Modernizing IT Infrastructure of Oil & Gas Industries to make Cloud & Kubernetes Ready

Expertise – Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth based Medical Device Controller
  • Dual Mode Bluetooth Stack Development on Texas Instruments TMS320F2837 Platform
  • Expertise on Texas Instruments Bluetopia Stack.
  • Custom Software Development on various Bluetooth Technology
  • A Test & Measurement Platform - BlueVet

Expertise – 4G / 5G

  • Maintenance and Enhancement of current EPC Software Stack - MME, SGW, PGW, UI module, FAST Data plane module netmap base
  • Transition path to Kubernetes managed micro-services based framework either in public cloud or private cloud.
  • 5G Network Function development and Orchestration
  • 5G UE/gNB Emulation

Expertise – Cyber Security

  • Bluetooth Vulnerability Management for MDM Product
  • Software Defined Network Security & Access Control Solution to Protect Home/SME network
  • Built-in modern captive portal implementation that enables enterprise level access control, works with any existing router/network
  • Cloud-based remote network monitoring, data analytics and access policy management, both for home deployments or multi-location corporate deployment - from a single portal with RBAC
  • Building Network Monitoring Solution for Cloud Infrastructure, Kubernetes