Innovation that Matters  Cygnus


Cygnus - a UE, gNodeB simulator, conformance and a performance test tool (for gNodeB and the core NFs as per release 15 of 3GPP). It is facilitated with a powerful user-centric interface helping in creation of test scripts, performing tests and helps generating a robust test analysis with results.

  • Cygnus is a Test & Measurement tool for 5G packet core and 5G RAN Network.
  • It simulates the UE and the GNB protocol stacks.
  • Currently 3gpp Rel. 15 compliant.
  • It allows for both functional and load testing.
  • Support for scaling UEs and gNBs.
  • Provides rich set of analytics to measure 5G packet core signaling and data performance.
  • Scripting support for generation of user defined test cases.
  • UE based traffic generation flows.
  • Runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) or Ubuntu LTS operating systems.


  • GNB and UE simulator.
  • Functional and load testing (signaling and data).
  • API based 3gpp procedure invocation.
  • Web Console for management and analysis.
  • Multi-Gbps traffic UL/DL traffic generator.
  • Scalable deployments using pods/containers.
  • Packet crafting ability for custom traffic.
  • Parallel signaling and traffic scenario execution.

Cygnus Architecture

Cygnus Architecture