Innovation that Matters  AlphaLite

Partner IBM

5G Packet Core Components are Cloud native micro-services designed to run in Kubernetes Cluster on a Public or On-Prem Private Cloud. Most Enterprise Customers run their private 5G Core in an On-prem Cloud using Openstack like Cloud OS. Challenges are to have right set of services and tools for 5G VNFs to run smoothly. AlphaLite from Spica Systems is a purpose built mini cloud OS with customized flavor of Kubernetes and minimal set of services.


  • Debian and RPM package for Ubuntu or RHEL based OS.
  • Openstack at its Core.
  • Customized Kubernetes.
  • Designated set of Openstack Services Such as Keystone, Nova, Neutron etc.
  • 5G aware CNI.
  • DPDK based CNI to gain better User Plane throughput.